Joint Project 2011/2012: Nuclear safety

After the accident in Fukushima, nuclear safety as topic in anti-nuclear work has gained importance within the Joint Project countries. Therefore, nuclear safety was the focus of the Joint Project 2011/2012 as well as a common theme of the national projects.

Brochure with outputs

The outputs of the Joint Project 2011/2012 were compiled within the brochure "Stress Tests & Vulnerability Assessment - Recommendations and Experience of the Joint Project group" (see download section).

The brochure contains the following main chapters:

1) Vulnerability assessement:
A critical review of the EU Nuclear Stress Tests in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine is presented.
The review details the main weaknesses identified within the stress tests. Important shortcomings not mentioned in the stress tests reports are also discussed.

2) Transparency of the stress tests
The Joint Project NGOs share their impressions on transparency of the stress tests.

3) Safety focus of the national projects
Within the main topic “nuclear safety” of the Joint Project 2011/2012 the NGOs of each JP country selected a special safety relevant topic, which is/was of particular interest in their country:

  • Bulgaria: The short story of Belene NPP – The victory – key points of the campaign against the nuclear power plant
  • Romania: Risks of the CANDU reactor design
  • Czech Republic: Results of the conference “Power Plant Load Testing: Safety Inspection or Propaganda?“
  • Slovakia: Safety deficits of the NPP Mochovce

Content of work

Vulnerability assessment

A rough assessment of potential weak points of the NPP in the JP-countries was made.

Stress tests

We used the materials and tools developed within the Joint Project 2010/2011 concerning Aarhus and nuclear to increase the transparency of the stress tests and ensure that the public has access to information.

More information can be found within the section "Stress Tests" of this website.

No nukes inforesource

The no nukes inforesoure homepage ( which contains information about nuclear incidents and developments was updated.


Two workshops were used to strengthen co-operation and co-ordinate the work on the Joint Project and the national projects (Nov. 2011 and May 2012).

In the workshop in Nov. 2011 the stress tests were the main topic.

The following presentations were given:

  • Presentation of Toni Wenisch on Stress Test Interim Reports (pdf, 285 KB)
  • Presentation Roman Lahodynsky on Seismicity and Nuclear Power (pdf, 15,3 MB)
  • Presentation Reinhard Uhrig Global 2000: European Citizens’ Initiative on safe & clean energy in Europe (pdf, 1,5 MB)

The workshop in May 2012 took place in Budapest at Ökotárs (Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation).

Main topic were again the stress tests. The Joint Project NGOs organized a press conference at Ökotárs - Toni Wenisch and Patricia Lorenz gave presentation about the stress tests, the Joint Project NGOs summarized their opinion on the topic for the journalists. The topic was taken up in several news articles.

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