About us

In the Joint Project, European NGOs and research institutions cooperate since 2003 on safe and sustainable energy issues with a focus on anti-nuclear activities in Central and Eastern Europe.
The long-term goals of the Joint Project are a nuclear phase-out in Europe (especially of old reactors), no new-build nuclear power plants, no renaissance of nuclear energy, and no lifetime extension of old reactors without adequate public participation.

National projects and the Joint Project

Each year a main topic of particular relevance for the anti-nuclear/sustainable energy work in Europe and some additional important anti-nuclear topics are identified. The members work on these topics within national projects and one trans-national Joint Project, which is co-ordinated by the Austrian Institute of Ecology, an Austrian research organization. The national projects are coordinated by the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation (HEPF). HEPF is a not-for-profit, politically independent organization promoting environmental improvement and awareness among civil society and the general public.

Working group

The joint working group consists of members from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungaria, Romania and Poland. Current members of the Joint Project are:

  • Calla (CZ)
  • South Bohemian Mothers (CZ)
  • Energiaklub (HU)
  • Za Zemiata (BG)
  • Foundation for Environment and Agriculture (BG)
  • Terra Mileniul III (RO)
  • Social Ecological Institute (PL)
  • Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation (HEPF)
  • Austrian Institute of Ecology (AT)


The members meet at two workshops per grant period for the purpose of strategic planning, information exchange, skills development, evaluation of current projects and planning future Joint Projects.

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