06 July, 2016: National Reports and National Programmes for Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste are public

In response to a request by Nuclear Transparency Watch from March 2016, the European Commission gave access to all national programmes and implementation reports on management of spent fuel and radioactive waste. You can download them here.

2015: New Study: Good quality in PLEX procedures

In 2015, Joint Project together with Oda Becker produced a brochure, in which we introduce important topics for PLEX that could and should be regarded in a participation procedure and in requesting information, respectively. The focus is on safety aspects which are covered in detail, but also other important aspects are dealt with. The brochure can be downloaded here.

2015: New study on Updated National Action Plans

The study "Four Years After Fukushima: Are Nuclear Power Plants Safer? Critical Review of the Updated National Action Plans (NAcP) of the EU Stress Tests on Nuclear Power Plants in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania" was written in 2015 by Patricia Lorenz and Oda Becker, and was financed by the grassroots foundation.

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