Joint Project 2013/2014: Costs of nuclear power

Content of work

The main topics of this year's work are:
1) Limitations of nuclear liability
2) Final Storage and NPP decomissioning funds
3) Stress Test Monitoring
4) Joint Project workshops
5) Update nni Hompeage

Costs of nuclear power

A brochure was published on "Costs of Nuclear Power". Costs of nuclear new-build, radioactive waste storage and decommissioning of shutdown plants, and also costs of nuclear accidents and liability are discussed, with special focus on the situation in the countries of the Joint Project NGOs (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania). The brochure can be downloaded here

Stress test factsheets

For four countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania) fact sheets on stress tests have been produced to give a quick background on the current status.

Joint Project workshops

As in the years before, two workshops were held, one in November 2013 (skype conference), one in April 2014 (in Prague).
Aim of the workshops was the exchange of information and discussion of the working plan.

Update NNI homepage

The no nukes inforesoure homepage ( which contains information about nuclear incidents and developments was updated.

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