Symposium “Nuclear power in the age of new threats”


The Joint Project online symposium examined the situation of the war in Ukraine and other military and terror threats on nuclear power plants. The attacks on Zaporishia NPP shocked the world, because the unthinkable – intentional shelling of an operating NPP – actually took place. Other threats such as the cyberattacks on the Iranian NPP Busher showed that another taboo was broken when nuclear security and safety was used to build up negotiation pressure.

In our symposium we discussed the current situation and the wider circumstances.

The speakers:

  • Olga Kosharna: Independent nuclear power and safety expert, Ukraine, former PR-Director at Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association
  • Nikolaus Müllner: University of Life Sciences, Vienna, Institute of Safety and Risk Sciences
  • Andrey Ozharovsky: Russian nuclear physicist, expert of Radioactive Waste Safety Program
  • Oda Becker: Independent consultant, Germany, is an expert in assessing nuclear safety and security
  • Patricia Lorenz: Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Europe

Watch the recording

Presentation of Olga Kosharna

Presentation of Nikolaus Müllner

Presentation of Andrey Ozharovsky

Presentation of Oda Becker

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