Uranium mining

Uranium mining was the focus of the Joint Project 2008.
A possible comeback of uranium mining and its environmental damages to Europe was shown in different exhibitions in several countries, f.e. Austria and the Czech Republic.

Austrian exhibition on comeback of uranium mining to Europe

The contents of the Austrian exhibition was transformed into a brochure which is available in German:

Exhibition on Uranium mining, in German, 1,93 MB
Brochure of uranium mining in Europe, in German, financed by: Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft, 3,92 MB

Photo exhibition by Terra Mileniul III (Romania)

Terra III is currently preparing the Uranium mining photo exhibition, to be held on April 26th 2011. TERRA will use the materials elaborated in the previous project – “unde_MINE” and do a sequel of this year’s photo exhibition. Last year’s photos are available here:

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